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Dominica Herbal Business Association appoints new board

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Dominica Herbal Business Association appoints new board

The Dominica Herbal Business Association (DHBA), which has been in existence since 2005, held its Annual General Meeting on June 30, 2021,  at the National Development Foundation of Dominica.

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Highlights of the meeting were the President’s report which listed some the achievements over the years, the main one being the establishment of its signature shop located at the Old Market, Roseau, where members are able to display and sell their value-added herbal products including teas, moringa, beauty and spa products, chocolates, seamoss, etc. Recently the shop has added a range of ‘ Made in Dominica’ products such as jewelry, art, Kalinago craft, books by Dominican authors from local publishers such as Papillote Press, Dominican magazines and even ponchos and scarves by Vee’s Couture. The newest addition to our offerings is our partnering with Campbell’s Business Machines to include very professional prints of paintings by local artists. The boast is – it is the only shop that offers only Dominican products.

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Dr. Reginald Thomas of the Ministry of Agriculture gave an update on an issue that the DHBA has been advocating for years – the Legislative Framework on Asset and Benefit Sharing which is designed to stop the unscrupulous and continuous removal of the natural biodiversity, now dubbed “bio-piracy” in Dominica..

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The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Collin Bully and who expounded on the theme “Opportunities for Expansion & Synergy”.  Mr. Bully has had an illustrious career in the Civil Service and provided an enormous amount of information and strategies that will enhance product innovation and technology that will place Dominica’s biodiversity at the high end of regional and international markets.

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The culmination of the meeting was the appointment of a new Board:

Gail Defoe Madame President Elect Joseph Peltier, Vice President Leotine Bellot, Treasurer Carol Sorhaindo, Secretary Desiree Ward, Public Relations Officer Collette Gordon, Marketing Officer Ginny Rivière, Executive Director