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Major Setback To COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

 Jamaica‘s covid-19 vaccination programme has suffered a major setback, as a shipment of the medicine expected on Friday did not arrive due to last week’s riots in South Africa

This was disclosed by Chairman of the National Health Fund, Howard Mitchell.

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“The shipment of the South African Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been unfortunately delayed, hopefully for a very short period because of the riots in South Africa that have prevented workers at the factory from getting to work to package the vaccine to sent to the Caribbean. I’m hoping that shortly, the situation in South Africa will stabilize. 

Mitchell says Jamaica was expected to receive a significant portion of the vaccine shipment which was destined for the Caribbean region.

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“We are hopeful to get 300,000 AstraZeneca from the UK government within a very short period of time, hopefully three weeks – that’s about it – I don’t know what is happening with the American donation,” he said. 



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