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$65 in weed to cost St Michael man $300

When police officers noticed an unusual bulge in Simeon Ricardo Thorne’s groin area it caught their attention.

Munir Abedrabbo

Their hunch proved to be correct, as Thorne was caught with $65 worth of cannabis inside his boxer shorts

While the 35-year-old of Woodstock Road, Spooner’s Hill, St Michael, had previously denied being in possession of the cannabis when he appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on October 25 last year, when he appeared today he had a change of heart

After changing his plea to guilty, Magistrate Joy-Ann Clarke fined him $300 in six weeks with an alternative of six weeks in prison

“No problem ma’am, no problem at all,” Thorne replied as he hastily made his way out of the dock

Prosecutor Sergeant Vernon Waithe told the court that members of the Tactical Response Unit were conducting operations in Fairchild Street where a large crowd had gathered watching people play cards

As police approached they smelt the scent of cannabis emanating from the area. On seeing them, persons ran off leaving the accused man

The officers witnessed an unusual bulge in his groin area and requested a search, to which Thorne consented

While searching inside his boxer shorts, a clear transparent bag containing 46 greaseproof wrappings were found

When asked to give an account Thorne replied, “A friend of mine now give me that marijuana to sell”

The illegal drugs weighed 13 grams and had a street value of $65